Frequently Asked Questions

Frozen vs Fresh Fish

In the vast majority of cases most people would not be able to notice any difference. Like all natural product the quality (or 'freshness') declines from the point the fish is caught. In order to meet the growing demand for produce from outside of the UK then there is always a need to preserve the product using a method appropriate the species.

If stored properly in a freezer, frozen fish can be safely kept for up to 9 months. However, we recommend that you consume the product within 3 months for optimum satisfaction

It is possible to freeze fish at home, but home freezers cannot freeze your fish as quickly as professional processes can. If you've ever been unfortunate enough to experience eating a soggy, rubbery piece of fish, then you have sampled some improperly frozen fish!

Our focus is to deliver your fish and seafood at the optimum quality. Unless you are lucky enough (like our Sri Lankan fishermen) to be able to catch, land and prepare your fish in a few hours, then all fish must be 'preserved' in some way. This may be by keeping in a chilled environment but often fish will be 'flash' or 'quick frozen' at temperatures as low as -40C. This guarantees a better quality product and offers better preservation than keeping fish in a chilled state.

Treatment of the fish and seafood will be tailored to each type / species, ensuring you have the guarantee of maximum freshness.

How are recipes developed?

Top quality recipes

By innovative gastronomic chefs.

How does the delivery work?

If customer is not entirely satisfied with the delivered goods

Should the Customer not be entirely satisfied, we will refund, replace or substitute any items subject to due compliance by the customer with our terms and conditions. Please go to our claim section on our web site with your queries and follow instructions, we will deal with your query within 24 hours of lodging the complaint. You will be given 1 hour from the time of delivery to lodge the complain with supporting photograph and explanation.  We will use your evidence for better understanding and educational purposes, which will help us to help you. Nothing in these terms and conditions will reduce your statutory rights relating to faulty or misdescribed goods. For further information about your statutory rights contact your local authority, trading standards department or citizens advice bureau. Images are provided to help recognise products. Due to packaging redesign and improvements these may not reflect exactly the pack you receive.

What happen if I am not at home when my order arrive?

Some customers ask for their delivery to be left at a neighbours house or in a garden shed; the courier company will leave your delivery wherever you specify but, as you were not available to sign for your order, we cannot accept liability.

Who is the delivery courier?

King Catch use “UK mail” courier services.

Why go to us?

Top quality ingredients

We are dedicated to source, freshly prepare and deliver the finest quality food that has been carefully selected to preserve best taste.