King Catch Fish & Seafood

If you are looking for the freshest fish and seafood, you have come to the right place. King Catch is proud to bring you the best products from the ocean and farm available in the UK at prices that have to be seen to be believed. All our fish and seafood products can easily be ordered right here on our secure website and sent straight to your kitchen, ensuring you receive the freshest products each and every time!

Sustainable Fishing

As well as sourcing all our premium ingredients from authentic culinary artisans around the world, King Catch is honoured to have been awarded accreditation by the sustainable fisheries and aquaculture organisation Friend of the Sea. With their logo proudly displayed on all our seafood products, including a wide range of exotic fish and shellfish sourced from waters around the world, you can be sure all our fresh seafood and fish has been sustainably produced. This ensures we can all continue to enjoy the bounties the ocean provides us with for many years to come.

Natural Food

As one of the world’s leading fresh and frozen food suppliers, we understand the crucial importance of using sustainable fishing techniques in the production of our seafood products and work tirelessly to bring you the very best food that nature has to offer in a sustainable manner. In addition to sustainable fishing techniques, all our goods, including frozen fish fillets, prawns and lobsters, are GM-free, ensuring you are able to cook and dine on fresh, natural products that are perfectly suited to the healthy cuisine and lifestyle choices you make.

Easy Ordering

When searching for fresh fish online, look no further than our website. We not only have an extensive selection of the finest sustainably produced seafood available at unbeatable prices, but we have also made it incredibly easy for you to buy ingredients for the delectable recipes found here on our website. Just click ‘Shop for Ingredients’ to instantly add fresh seafood products caught using traditional fishing techniques to your shopping basket. Please check our ‘Delivery Details’ webpage for further details regarding minimum orders, shipping information and delivery charges.

The UK’s Best Seafood

There are many online seafood delivery businesses in operation here in the UK, but none are able to match our premium seafood products in terms of freshness, quality, environmental responsibility and pricing. For the freshest seafood caught using time-honoured fishing techniques by local fisherman in some of the clearest and cleanest waters in the world, place your order with King Catch, the UK’s best online fishmonger, and have fresh fish and seafood delivered directly to your door.